Negril, Jamaica – September 2015

This trip didn’t start out as a trip to Jamaica. We had booked at all inclusive in Tulum, Mexico. I had been wanting to go back to Mexico since it had been over 20 years since my last visit. We got an unbelievable deal on an AI there. There had been a sargassum invasion all along the coast of Mexico on the Caribbean side so trips were going pretty cheap. Sargassum is a type of seaweed for those who don’t know and around that time it was washing up along several Caribbean beaches to the point you could barely get in the water. We watched the webcam at the place we were staying hoping it would be cleared out by the time we visited but when our trip was 3 weeks out and the sargassum was still piling up on the beaches and in the water, we decided to cancel and rebook somewhere else.

So back to Jamaica, we decided to go! We got a great deal last minute on Groupon to the all inclusive Sunset at the Palms for $1050 for 2 for a seven night stay.

As I mentioned before, Jamaica’s airport customs lines are long. I thought being September, that they may not be as long since that is not high season. I was wrong. If we ever go back to Jamaica, we will invest in Club Mobay. For around $80 per person, it will get you through customs quickly. Worth it in my opinion.

Sunset at the Palms did not offer free transfers from the airport so we took a taxi to the resort. We booked the same taxi back. I don’t remember what round trip transfer was but I believe it was around $100 plus we tipped the driver. On the way there, the driver let us stop for jerk chicken so we could get the real stuff before going to the resort. It was not nearly as good as the jerk we had on our way to Ocho Rios, but it was decent. Our driver also taught us about other food that was on the menu and we tried it.

Sunset at the Palms was great for what we paid. I would have been disappointed though if we had paid more. The food was just okay but nothing to be excited over. We ended up eating off the resort a couple of times because it just wasn’t great. One night we waited over 3 hours for dinner. Yes, 3 hours and then it was so tough I could not chew it. The food was frozen at the beach grill for sure. We know because we saw it being thawed everyday. The drinks were just okay too. There wasn’t a large selection of liquors. The coffee bar however, was incredible. I enjoyed a cappuccino every morning. I do not know if things have changed since we visited so just telling our experience at that time. The accommodations were beautiful but our room was near a busy road (as most were) so you did hear alot of loud traffic all night. The resort is also across the road from the beach so you do have to cross the road to get to the beach. That did not bother us but it may some. We quite enjoyed the walk everyday. A downside is you can’t watch the beautiful Negril sunsets because they advise you not to be over there after dark because there is no security. I don’t want to sound like Sunset at the Palms was just awful, it was not. We had an awesome time there. The staff was beyond wonderful. And for the price we paid, the rest was on par. However, like I said above, if I had paid more, I would have probably been disappointed in the food and drink quality. We talked to several couples who had paid double what we paid and they were somewhat disappointed.

On this trip, we visited Xtabi on the cliffs in West End and Appleton Rum Estates. We loved the cliffs and will probably stay on the cliffs if we ever return for Jamaica. Appleton Rum Estates was a must do and if you love Appleton Rum (#wearerumpeople) or rum in general, do it!! Plus you get pretty much unlimited rum tasting at the end. So that’s worth it, right? It was a far drive from Negril so plan accordingly.

Now to talk about the best lobster I have had in my life. If you ever visit Negril, stop in at Office of Nature on Bloody Bay. They catch fresh lobster pretty much hourly or any other creature that comes in their trap. Sometimes they have crab or other things. Then you take your pick from their catches and they put it on the grill right in front of you. It was SO delicious. You can also find other things at Office of Nature (Nature = other things in nature including the green) but since we don’t partake in those type of things we didn’t take advantage of that. However, if you do, this is your place. So you can do that and eat some fresher than fresh seafood. Hey 2 birds with 1 stone? Haha.

This was also our last all inclusive. I do not think we will ever do another all inclusive unless we just get an absolute great deal at great place but for the most part, we have learned that cost wise it just isn’t beneficial to us. I feel like when you put that much money into your cost of stay, you feel confined to the resort and their food since that is what you paid for. We like to explore too much and eat where the locals do and that is not at resorts.

In conclusion though, we absolutely love Jamaica so much we both got irie tattoos! We would love to go back but since I have been 3 times, I want to visit a few other places before we do. 😉

Photos of our trip on YouTube:


Ocho Rios, Jamaica – June 2013

I had been on a previous trip to Negril, Jamaica in 2009 which I mentioned in my first blog post. I fell in love with Jamaica. The people, the ocean, the vibe. So when my husband and I were planning our honeymoon, I thought it would be a great opportunity to make it back there.

My husband was (is) a mountain lover. I am an ocean lover. I have since converted him to an ocean lover as well but before that, he was a mountain lover only. I wanted to go back to Negril because I fell in love with it. But since he loved the mountains and I was also trying to convert him to an ocean lover, I thought maybe Ocho Rios may have the best of both worlds. Caribbean ocean for me and lush mountains for him.

My plan worked.

We decided on Couples San Souci for our honeymoon. We no longer do all inclusive expensive (to us) resorts. We have since found that we can stretch our budget and do at least a couple of Caribbean vacations per year by staying in VRBOs – Vacation For Rent By Owner – or less expensive hotels. Really just whatever to keep it in budget. All inclusives are awesome in their own right. All the food and alcohol in one package. It is definitely a much easier option, especially for some who may not have much interest in leaving the resort or who do not like to plan out their vacations. Many reasons to choose all inclusive, but we like the freedom of not feeling tied down to the all inclusive price tag. But to each their own. Just our personal preference we found through trial and error. But this post is about Couples San Souci in Ocho Rios and our experience there.

If I ever did do another all inclusive in the future, no question it would be Couples Resorts. We later stay in another AI in Jamaica and will get to that eventually. Our experience at San Souci was what a honeymoon should be. We were amateur travelers then – we are definitely not advanced now – but do have much more experience than we did for sure. Since this trip was 4 years ago, I will give basics and go by what I remember.

The airport in Jamaica is no joke. Custom lines are long. It is a larger airport than some of the other places in the Caribbean I have now experienced. We got out of customs and went to the Couples Lounge. There smiles awaited us with cold Red Stripes. Ah. At the Couples Lounge, they group you into what resort you will be going to. There are four in Jamaica. Two in Negril – Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away. In Ocho Rios, there is Couples San Souci and Couples Tower Isle.

We sit a short time in the lounge and load up in our shuttle to San Souci. The drive is a little over an hour I believe so on the way we stop at a road side Jerk chicken stand with restrooms so everyone can have a bathroom break and/or get some chicken. Our driver has some chicken and I ask him about it. He says it is the best jerk chicken we will ever eat and to get some. We take his advice. To this day, I have never had better jerk chicken. I wish I knew the name of the place but I do not. I often think of revisiting Ocho Rios for no other reason than to just find this jerk chicken stand.

We arrive at San Souci and are greeted with drinks and cold towels. I had paid for a specific room and we were not put in that room but was unable to change until the next night. Eventually we settled into our room and the honeymoon began.

The food at San Souci was wonderful. Nothing at all I can say bad about it. The service was wonderful. Basically your perfect all inclusive vacation. The grounds, you guessed it – wonderful. We visited the other Ocho Rios location, Tower Isle for a day pass. We were less than impressed compared to San Souci. But again, to each their own. We asked to leave early to go back to San Souci.

What I do love about Couples Resorts is their strict no tipping policy. Just kind of random in here but worth mentioning. At Couples, you know that your service will not be any different based on how big of tip you give. I am a big tipper but all inclusive really means all inclusive there. Even tips. Not unless things have changed since my visit.

We also visited Dunn’s River Falls during this trip. I don’t think we took photos during that excursion because we didn’t have rugged enough camera back then. Dunn’s River Falls was extremely crowded the day we went (I think a cruise ship was in) and it was like ants climbing an anthill. The crowds didn’t make it enjoyable for me but it was included in our price of stay. I would recommend it on a day where it is less crowded, it is probably beautiful when not packed in. My parents have photos of it from 25 years ago and it was a much different. It would have been awesome to experience it back before it became a big tourist trap.

Other than that, we just took it easy that trip. We enjoyed the grounds and the free flowing tropical drinks. There was a pond that had turtles that would come up and eat out of your hand. I loved going there every morning. There was also a parrot that took a liking to my husband and wouldn’t let me anywhere near it without scaring the bejesus out of me. My husband on the other hand, cracked nuts and fed it. It was before we really became avid snorkelers and started diving. But this was the trip that turned my husband into an ocean lover. Myrtle Beach was like a rough, muddy lake compared to the beautiful, clear, calm waters of the Caribbean. And at this point, I knew we would return.

Will work for travel…

A few photos from our trip. We forgot to include these on our YouTube Channel. Oops.